Colonia by Polyflor has been developed to help you really feel at home. Inspired by the natural world around us, we have carried out extensive design, trend and performance research to ensure we offer a range of beautiful, desirable and practical floorcoverings, ideally styled for a wide range of home interiors.

Each product offers a highly authentic decoration representing natural elements whilst covering many of today’s interior trends. If you aspire towards the timeless simplicity of a Scandinavian dining room, the elegance of a New England living space or a bathroom fit for a king then Colonia is here to help.

THINK! Flooring can provide all the flooring shown below, contact us for more information. The Colonia brochure provides further details and exciting ways to use Colonia flooring in your home.

Colonia 4436 Nordic White Oak Example

Colonia 4437 Kings Oak Example

Colonia 4515 Imperial Black Marble Example

Colonia 4531 Cottage Yorkstone Example

Colonia 4532 Quarried Millstone Example

Colonia 4533 Glazed Metalstone Example

Colonia 4534 Balmoral Grey Slate Example

Colonia 4535 Welsh Raven Slate Example

Colonia 4536 Natural Limestone Example

Colonia 4537 Fossil Limestone Example

Colonia 4435 English Oak Example

Colonia 4434 Schoolhouse Oak Example

Colonia 4433 New England Elm Example

Colonia 4432 Virginia Walnut Example

Colonia 4431 Oxford Maple Example

Colonia 4411 Woodland Oak Example

Colonia 4403 Golden Koa Example

Colonia 4401 Mountain Alder Example